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We, Plastequipment, are able to source quality used production machinery, e.g. blow-, injection moulding, screen printing & other, for most applications in our field of expertise.

Whatever the job is, we may be able to find the machine that suits your need, and is within your calculated budget.

Second hand machines are considerably cheaper than their brand new counter parts, thus making them an attractive option for those that are price conscious or don't have the funds for a brand new purchase.

Another benefit of second hand machines is, since they have already been manufactured, lead times are a lot shorter than a brand new machine thus getting your production up and running in a shorter period.

We work closely with our principal manufacturers & suppliers to ensure the  machines are in great, working order and suitable to the task intended for.

Whether you know what you're after or you would like to discuss the best options, our experienced team are ready to help, so pick up that phone and give us a buzz or email, advising the intended specs & time-line required.